Came Back Sample

“Kara. Kara, where are you?” Eric called. He walked through the small house. His eyes moved to the glass door leading to the backyard. He sighed and walked out through the opened door. “What’s wrong?”

Kara turned to her husband. Her green eyes were red from crying. “Nothing.”

“You hate the backyard. You only come out here when something is wrong.”

Kara hesitated. “I had the dream again…the memory again.”

Eric walked up to her and wrapped his arms around her. “It’s okay. It was only a dream. We’re safe.”

Kara looked at him. “I know that, but I have a bad feeling. It’s the same feeling I had that day.”

Eric laughed. “Calm down. We should get to work. One more day and then our relaxing vacation can start.”

Kara smiled and wrapped her arms around Eric, but her eyes couldn’t hide the worry.





Kara finished her final sale. She looked at her watch. 2:15 pm exactly. Eric would already be off from the bank. He was probably already waiting outside for her.

“All right, Kara. I have been sent to relieve you of your duties,” Jessica said, walking up to Kara. “Have fun on your vacation. Where are you and Eric going?”

“We’re going on a cruise. We’ve been saving up since the wedding.”

“Really? That sounds so relaxing!”

“That’s the reasoning behind it…Eric’s reasoning.”

Jessica leaned close to her. “Is everything good between you two?”

Kara laughed to herself. “Yeah. I’ve just been having…some stress lately.” She looked away from Jessica’s questioning eyes. Her face blanked.

Across from them moving between racks of clothes and crowds of people was a man dressed in weird black clothes. He looked at her and smiled.


“I have to go,” Kara said.

She hurried away towards the man. He watched her move closer before turning and heading away. Kara picked up her speed. The man exited the store out into the blinding sunlight. Kara followed, slowed by two couples entering the store. She ran to edge of the street and looked around. She lost him. The man was gone.

A tightening in her chest pre-empts the tears that fall from her eyes. He couldn’t be here. If he was here, then they were here. But why would they be here? Why would they come back, unless…?


Eric was across the street. He waved to her excitedly, but the excitement slowly drained from his face as he saw the tears in her eyes.


The ground shook. People screamed and fell to the ground. The lampposts and stoplights swung wildly. Kara covered her head and kneeled to the ground. Eric does the same across the street. The sky darkened and soon it was dark as night. Automatic lights flickered on and the shaking slowed.

As the ground stopped, people stand and look up to the sky. They point with wide eyes. Eric slowly stood and stared at Kara. Kara slowly uncovered her head and looked up.

A black shield-like object covered the entire sky. Just inside a large ship was seen. It slowly moved directly over them. Kara stared at the ship with wide, terror filled eyes. She remembered. She remembered seeing the ship years ago.

A loud noise erupted from the ship. Those standing around covered their ears and screamed. Kara looked to Eric. Neither covered their ears. They knew the sound. It did not hurt their heads like the others. It did not hurt them because it was meant for them.

“Eric,” Kara whispered, but she knew he could hear her.

A light turned on over Eric. He looked up at the ship. Then he looked at Kara, but his eyes were slowly glazing over. He reached a hand out to her.

Kara slowly shook her head. “No.”

A second light turned on over her. She jumped away from it and hid under the store awning. She looked at Eric as he disappeared. She screamed and both lights turned off. The loud noise faded and those around her began to stand.

A hand grabbed Kara’s shoulder. She screamed and jumped back out into the opening. A light turned back on her and she rushed back under the awning. She looked at the man who had grabbed her. It was the man she had been chasing.

“Ryan,” she gasped.

The man leaned close to her. “We came back for you and Eric. They’re ready, Kara. But they need both of you to finish it.”

Kara pulled away from Ryan. “No, we escaped. They left.”

“You knew they would come back. You know why they came back.”

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